• 9th Grade Time Line
    • Talk to your counselor about what you need to do to prepare for education after high school.  Begin creating a list of the programs and colleges you are interested in.
    • Become familiar with the admissions requirements of the California Community Colleges, the California State University, the University of California, and any independent colleges and universities you are interested in.
    • Work with your counselor to establish a four-year plan of your college preparatory classes using the UC required a-g courses as a guide. To see which Roseville High School classes meet the a-g requirements, check out the UC approved a-g course list using keyword "Roseville".
    • Create a file for yourself which contains: 1) Copies of your high school report cards, 2) Awards and honors, 3) Descriptions of paid and/or volunteer school and community activities you participate in.
    • Take summer school classes to correct any subject deficiencies or to advance your academic standing. Participate in summer academic enrichment programs and workshops.  Sierra College has great opportunities to take summer classes (academic enrichment).
    10th Grade Time Line
    • Review your four-year plan to be sure you're on-track to meet the requirements of the programs and colleges you're considering.
    • Consider enrolling in Advanced Placement classes. Earning qualifying grades on AP Exams can increase your chances of college admission and scholarships, and you may receive credit for equivalent courses at numerous colleges and universities.
    • Take the PSAT in October as practice for the SAT Reasoning Test you will take at the end of your Junior year and the start of your Senior year (speak with your counselor about registering for the PSAT).
    • Keep updating the file you started in 9th grade.
    • Continue participating in extracurricular school and community activities.
    • Participate in summer academic enrichment programs and workshops.