• Military Career Information
    Students looking for information about career opportunities in the Armed Services will find useful information at the following Web sites...
    ASVAB -- A career test required by the military that identifies occupations best matched to an individual's abilities. All seniors wishing to enlist in military service should see Mrs. Seider in the Counseling Center and get signed up for the November ASVAB test. (Other students who aren't enlisting can also take the ASVAB to find careers that would be a good match for them, too!)
    www.todaysmilitary.com -- Learn all about the benefits and opportunities military service has to offer!
    Job Opportunities in the Armed Forces -- In-depth information from the United States Department of Labor about work conditions, training, employment outlook, earnings and more for enlisted and officer occupational groups in today's Armed Forces.
    Military Academies (pdf) -- A helpful document put together by the Roseville Joint Union High School District for students considering applying to one of the five United States Military Academies (during Spring of Junior Year).