• College Athletics (NCAA)
    Here are some recommendations from the CollegeBoard for student-athletes who want to play college sports:
    • Determine what level of athletic competition/play you hope to pursue (NCAA Division I, II, III or other levels).
    • See about participating in a summer sports camp at your college of interest.
    • Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center (see document below).  Student-athletes pursuing NCAA Division I or II schools must register; others do not.
    • Develop an athletic resume that includes your basic student demographic information, sports stats since 9th grade and academic record/standing.
    • Send letters of interest during Sophomore and Junior years to colleges/universities.
    • Send coaches your athletic resume, stats summary and a video showcasing your skills in actual competition.
    • Keep track of all contact you've had with college coaches in a written log.
    • If applicable, apply to the college/university with a special application coded by the college's athletic department to notify the admission office that their athletic department is interested in you.
    • Remember that athletics are only part of the college choice - make sure you still find the college to be a good fit if something happens and you can't play or decide not to play.
    • Also, remember that athletic eligibility does not guarantee you're going to be admitted.
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    Students who want to play sports in college must complete academic coursework requirements that exceed the a-g college admissions requirements, and they must register with the NCAA by the end of Junior year. The document below will help students and families with the NCAA registration process...