• Letters of recommendation may be required for colleges and universities, scholarships, military service, or workforce employment.
    Please use the Letter of Recommendation Form (see below) to provide background information to your teachers and counselors so they can write a strong letter on your behalf!
    Please Remember:

    1) Your recommender needs time to put together a good letter, so make
    sure you provide them with plenty of notice (one month lead time is
    appropriate, but two weeks is the very least). For letters needed
    before winter break, you must return this completed form no later than
    December 1st.

    2) Clearly note the dates/deadlines that your letters are due to be

    3) Seek out the Roseville High School staff members who know you

    4) Waive your confidentiality rights, when asked, to ensure that colleges
    know that your recommender felt the freedom to comment honestly.

    5) When completing your forms, please provide your contact information
    in case your recommender needs to clarify any of the responses you

    Because recommendations are confidential, they will be sent
    directly to requesting campuses or provided to students only in
    officially sealed envelopes.