• Private and Out-of-State Universities
    Admissions requirements at private and out-of-state universities typically fall within four categories:
    • Schools with requirements similar to those of UCs,
    • Schools with requirements similar to those of Cal States,
    • Schools accepting only the world's top students,
    • Schools with exceptionally specific requirements related to special areas of study (such as culinary arts or visual and performing arts).
    Be sure to visit the Web sites and contact the admissions officials at each of the private and out-of-state universities to which you plan to apply in order to determine all necessary admissions requirements and deadlines.
    Students interested in attending private colleges and universities in California - take some time to check out AICCU.
    Additional resources for exploring colleges both inside and outside California can be found in the College Exploration section.
    Western Undergraduate Exchange Commission (WUE) - Reduced tuition for out-of-state colleges
    The WUE program helps undergraduate students to study outside of California by offering students a reduced tuition rate (150 percent of resident tuition) at nearly 145 institutions in 15 western states.  The eligibility requirements and application process for WUE affiliated colleges varies.  Click below for specific information on each campus.