• District Committees:

    Athletics Liaison - Meets with Athletic Directors

    Board Policy Review Committee - Meets to review board policies prior to them being brought to the full board for approval.

    CILT - Curriculum & Instruction Leadership Team - Reviews, updates, or adopts curriculum, textbooks, materials and other practices (ie: grading, assessments)

    City and Community Liaison
    - Meets with City Manager, city staff and/or elected officials to foster communication between the city and school district.  Also meets with partner school district representatives and board members.

    Finance/Facilities Committee - Review audits, attorney bills, scholarships, and budget projections.  Reviews change orders and new projects.

    Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee - Meets to satisfy the accountability requirements of Proposition 39 in connection with Measure D, approved by voters on November 8, 2016 for the issuance of $96 million General Obligation bonds.

    Student Board Representative Liaison - Meets with student board representatives prior to the school board meetings to review the agenda.