• California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

    CSF honors outstanding high school students for their academic excellence and community service and is recognized by colleges and universities throughout the country.

    Students may join CSF by simply applying for membership after each term’s grading period of high school (fall term and spring term). Students may apply for membership should they meet the eligibility requirements. The eligibility requirements are on the CSF application form. Please note that students are not automatically inducted into CSF; they must apply for membership each term.

    If a student is a member in CSF for at least four (4) terms by graduation (only sophomore through junior years with at least one semester from their senior year), they are granted the title of CSF Gold Seal bearer. They are presented gold stolls and tassels to be worn at graduation. They are also eligible for one of the many scholarships that CSF awards every year.

    Freshmen may join CSF after they have completed one term of high school.

    The membership/application fee is $12 each term.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the CSF Advisor Mr. Ginn.  CSF Application available for download with the link below.

    CSF Application