• Student Email 

    We have monitoring tools that will flag anything that indicates a threat of harm to oneself or others as well as inappropriate websites or key word searches. Please remember to use your district device for school use only.


    How Fast Emails are Created
    Student Email Accounts are generated usually within 24 hours of enrollment.


    What is the Email Address?
    The email address is usually firstname.lastname@student.rjuhsd.us (except in common or longer names) and the default password will be the Student ID number.


    What is the Password?
    Student ID Numbers are six digits, beginning with a 6 (6XXXXX). Parents can also find it by logging into their Parent Homelink Account (click on Student Info, then Demographics).

    Once logged in, students must reset their password to something else other than their Student ID number (instructions).


    How to Login to a Chromebook
    Chromebook Login


    Writing an Email
    To find staff emails, click here on the Staff Directory.


    • Don't put the content of your email in the subjectline.
    • Don't send an email and then fail to check to see if the recipient replied.


    • Do pay attention to your tone - being too short may come across as rude.
    • Do include a saluation or greeting "Dear, ..."
    • Do include a closing "Thank You," or "Sincerely,"
    • Do include your name (just because it's in the email address, it shows you care about the recipient and took the extra time to end your email with your name)
    • Do include which period you have with any teachers you send an email to "Sincerely, Jenny Jimenez, Period 2"
    • Do check your email for a reply. If no reply after 2 school days, then follow up with another email or go see him/her in person.


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