• Digital Learning and Innovation

    Welcome to the Digital Learning and Innovation page! Our mission is to support, prepare, and innovate with and alongside our staff in order to transform learning for all students served by the Roseville Joint Union High School District. 

    The Digital Learning and Innovation Team is responsible for all of the professional working relationships, processes, and policies related to digital learning, including:

    • Digital learning processes and applied digital learning activities, technology-based student performance standards, and research and technology-based instructional practices/accountability
    • Development and monitoring of district technological innovations and programs
    • Professional development technology training for district teachers and support staff
    • Monitoring and managing assessment and application technologies
    • Management of technology-based Instructional Materials in accordance with the California Education Code, including e-textbooks

    Please contact us with any questions pertaining to these components of the learning delivery system. Additional contact information can be found on the links provided on this page or from the drop-down menu.

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    Digital Learning Menu by Johanna McCoy (Credit to Nicole Pate for layout)

  • Photo of Mike

    Mike Fischer
    Director of Digital Learning and Innovation
    Photo of Johanna
    Johanna McCoy
    Professional Development Specialist of Digital Learning
    Photo of Sean
    Sean Scott
    Professional Development Specialist of Digital Learning