• Our district offers the PSAT to all current 10th graders as a way to help prepare students for college- and career-readiness. This test is free to all 10th grade students and may be purchased by 9th and 11th graders.

    Test Day: Tuesday, October 25, 2022

    Time: During the school day before lunch

    Who is Testing: One free test will be given to all 10th graders and any 9th and 11th graders who would like to purchase an exam.

    Sign Ups: There is no further action required on your part, unless you would like to opt your student out of testing, or your student has a 504 plan or is on an IEP. (see below)  



    Students benefit from taking the PSAT in several ways:

    • It identifies their academic strengths and weaknesses early in high school, when there's plenty of time to improve before college.
    • It lets them know which Advanced Placement (AP) courses they're most likely to do well in.
    • It's a great way to practice for the PSAT/NMSQT in 11th grade, which qualifies them for the National Merit Scholarship Program and a chance to win recognition and money for college.
    • When they take the PSAT, your child can opt in to Student Search Service and connect to over $300 million in scholarships. Learn more about scholarships.
    • It's a great way to practice for the SAT, a test that's an important part of college applications.
    • Your child can use their PSAT score to get a free, personalized SAT practice plan through Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy®.



    • To learn more about the PSAT, visit the College Board PSAT website.  The PSAT consists of three parts: the Reading Test, the Writing and Language Test, and the Math Test.
    • To opt out of the PSAT, you must submit your request by Friday, August 26th.  Click Here for the Opt Out Form: WPHS PSAT Opt Out
    • Students with 504 plans or IEPs who might normally receive accommodations for assessments must apply for accommodations using this form:  SSD Accommodations Request Form.   This form must be completed and returned to Mrs. Hurd by Friday, August 26, 2022.  It can be scanned and emailed to, or brought to the main office in person.
    • Students need to make a College Board account in order to view their scores when they are released.  They can make an account by clicking this link: Create a College Board Account
    • Free test prep materials can be found at the following links:


    Kassie Hildebrand, Counselor

    Briana Hurd, Assistant Principal