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    WPHS College Presentation Rep Visits Fall 2022  <<< Complete this form to RSVP <<<


    NOTE: If a college rep visit is not presenting during your lunch, you MUST attend your THIRD Period class! Please still fill out the form so that I can have the college rep contact you.

    We host various meetings with college reps for students on the West Park campus! Check back here often, as meetings are added frequently.


    Questions Worth Asking During the Visit

    Asking probing questions will inform and guide your choices. It can also help convince the rep you are a serious, thoughtful person worth enrolling. Here are some options:

    • What is your school’s reputation built on, and does that reputation reflect the school’s mission statement?
    • What academic programs is your college known for, and how difficult would it be to enroll in the ones that interest me?
    • What financial aid opportunities does your school provide, and what is the average amount of the aid package?
    • How would you describe the academic pressure and workload?
    • What is the ratio of instructors to students, and are the instructors readily available for interaction outside the classroom?
    • Can you list some campus life facts and amenities that make your school stand out?
    • What are the rules governing freshmen’s course selection, and are most courses readily available?
    • Can you name some of the important support services for students and graduates?
    • What is the application success rate?
    • Is there anything you can share about your school’s application process that can help me succeed if I apply?