Email & Homelink Login

  • Student Email and Homelink Account Access


    Student Email Accounts are generated usually within 24 hours of enrollment.

    The email address is usually (except in common or longer names) and the default password will be the Student ID number.


    Student ID Numbers are six digits, beginning with a 6 (6XXXXX) and can be found by accessing parent homelink accounts. (Click on Student Info, then Demographics)  

    See below for help with logging into parent accounts


    When you receive your district chromebook, you will log in using these credentials. 

    Please make sure to type out the full email student email address including if your Chromebook is pre-populated with, it will look like this: 



    If you are unable to sign in with your Student ID as the default password, please complete this form to request a password reset. Password Resets will be done within 24 hours of your request (not including weekends) 


    Once you are logged into your district chromebook you will go to and log in as an existing user with the same login credentials as outlined above.  (you can also login to your gmail account on a personal device)


    Once you are in gmail, look for an email from Homelink with instructions for first time log in along with a temporary password. Homelink will allow you to access your classes, grades, assignments, and all personal data.


    If you have trouble logging into homelink with the temporary password provided, try going through the “Forgot Password” process and try with the new temporary password.  


    Parent/Guardian Access to Aeries Homelink Parent Portal


    Parents/Guardians will access their parent Homelink Account through this link: 


    You must log in using the same email address you used for online enrollment. A temporary Password was sent to you from Aeries/Homelink when your student was enrolled. If you cannot find that email, you can follow the steps for “forgot password” to get a new temporary password. 


    On your first visit to your homelink account, please complete the data confirmation through the link in the yellow notification banner. 

    If you experience trouble logging into any of your student accounts after following these instructions (and the “forgot password” process does not help for Aeries/Homelink) please feel free to reach out to the school Registrar, Renee Dhaliwal, at