Tobacco-Use Prevention Education (TUPE)


    What is TUPE?

    Our TUPE program is funded through the Tobacco Use Prevention Education grant from the California Department of Education. With these funds, our district is able to support Wellness Centers with tobacco related needs, provide interventions for students as an alternative to suspensions, support tobacco reduction and cessation and provide education. Students can receive support through staff or self referral.  We offer confidential support. If you want or need support reducing your use or quitting, reach out to your school counselor, any Wellness Center Staff, or email us directly: tupe@rjuhsd.us.



    The TUPE program intends to build relationships with other community organizations, support outreach events to get parents, staff, and students involved and educated on vaping and tobacco awareness, deliver Tobacco Education to all 9th graders, and work with all schools to establish cessation supports and interventions as alternatives to suspension through our Wellness Centers.