Registration All Grade Levels

    STEP #1: Parents Complete all Online School Enrollment Documents through Aeries AIR (Use the 2023-2024 Pre-Enrollment Database to enroll for the next school year.)
                          Instructions for completing online AIR enrollment - Click Here
    You will need to upload various documents for enrollment.  If you do not have access to a scanner, please use your smart phone.  Instructions for scanning documents on phones are as follows: 
                          ANDROID phones  |   APPLE phones
    Transfer students must be approved by RJUHSD prior to continuing with the following steps.
    STEP #2: Review Classes offered by Oakmont HS
    View the OHS Course Catalog and Academic Planning Information (located in the course catalog).
    View the sample four year plans to assist in picking appropriate classes for future goals.
    STEP #3: Complete Course Selection Sheet (including four alternates)
    Review the correct grade level course selection sheet below. Please use your students grade level for the 23-24 school year. Print the document, fill it out completely, and submit it to the main office.
    Students who enroll after April 1 may not have access to all electives as many will fill up during the building process. It is important that students pick four elective alternates in case this situation arises.
    STEP #4: Check for Applications for Classes
    Some classes (Dance 2-4 tryouts only, Adv Media & Media Management Pathway Classes, Student Government, Health Academy) do require an application - please see this webpage for the application. Please fill these out as soon as you register for class.  Students who do not submit the application by the set deadline may not be considered for the course.