Freshman Pre-Enrollment for the 2024-2025 School Year

  • We can't wait to welcome the Class of 2028 to the Panther Family! 



    Step 1:

    Verify you reside within West Park HS Boundaries 

    Please use the School Locator to verify which school you are assigned to.  Just because West Park is your closest school doesn't guarantee that your address falls within our attendance boundaries. 

    For information on Transfers, Click Here



    Step 2:

    Gather the following Documents Required to Complete Enrollment 

    • Mortgage Statement, Purchase Agreement or Rental/Lease Agreement--Must display parent/guardian name, residence address, current dates (or month-to-month continuation if lease). Agreements must also be signed by both Seller/Buyer or Landlord/Tenant.

    • City of Roseville, PG&E or SMUD utility bill--parent/guardian name, address and current statement date required.

    • Medical or State record of Student Immunizations. See Required Immunizations 

    • Student Birth Certificate 
    • Parent/Guardian Legal Photo Identification

    These additional items must be provided if applicable:

    Please be aware that all enrollment applications under a shared residence/caregiver affidavit require admin approval and are verified by our school resource officer through home visits and other methods of address verification.


    Step 3: 

    Complete the Online Enrollment process to enroll your student at West Park High School

    Click Here to access our Aeries Internet Registration Portal

    Every student must be enrolled at West Park High School using our Aeries Internet Registration portal (AIR). The process takes approximately 30 minutes and you must fill out all of the information completely.   

    *See list of required documents above. You will not be able to submit your student's enrollment without uploading the required documents, so you will want to have them ready before beginning the online process. 


    Please Note: We are not taking student course selections at this time. Course Selections will be done in February, following our Panther Preview event for incoming freshmen to be held on Feb. 15th, 2024 


    Step 4: 

    You will receive an email from the school Registrar within 2 weeks of submitting your enrollment applications. Because we will be working through an extremely high volume of enrollments and emails, we ask you to please refrain from sending any inquiries regarding the status of your student’s enrollment until 2 weeks after submission. 



    Click Here for Students Interested in Roseville Pathways 


    For enrollment questions, you may email the Registrar at