• RJUHSD CTE Internship Information

    By becoming a student intern, students can gain valuable work experience, learn 21st Century employability skills, and more!  To learn more about becoming a student intern, to get information about the specific internships available, or to ask questions about the internship program, please contact Terri Griffin (tgriffin@rjuhsd.us).


    Each internship runs for a full term.  Summer internships may be available.


    The RJUHSD internship program is regional.  Antelope, West Park, and Woodcreek students attend a weekly internship class at Woodcreek High School on Thursday during 4th period.  Students from all other campuses meet at the Independence High School every Wednesday during 4th period.  Granite Bay High currently hosts an internship class for engineering students.

    Benefits for Students

    Gain industry knowledge and explore career options in a field of interest.

    Strengthen knowledge of the job search process, including developing a resume, cover letter, networking, and interview skills.

    Enhance professional skills necessary for success in the workplace

    Improve communication, problem solving, and team-building skills.

    Substantiate your choice of college majors, career, and/or future training program.

    Present internship experience to peers and industry partners.

    Student Requirements

    Students must complete two years of a CTE pathway with a "C" or better in order to apply.

    Students must enroll in the fourth period internship course, and be able to participate 6-8 hours per week.

    Students must agree to behave in accordance with the employer's policies as well as adhere to RJUHSD Internship guidelines.

    The internship instructor will prepare students with career readiness guidelines, including attendance, harassment, workplace behaviors, performance expectations, etc.

    Students must have reliable transportation to the internship class and internship site.

    Students must apply to the internship program, submit a cover letter and resume, and participate in an employer interview.

    Students must attend a parent orientation with their parents prior to the start of the internship.

    Complete required paperwork by district deadlines.

    Demonstrate employability skills such as work ethic, timeliness, attendance, professional attire, team building, etc.