• Welcome to Granite Bay High School's English Language Development (ELD) program! Our English Learners students come from all parts of the world and enrich the diversity of our school community. Per guidelines from the California Department of Education, students who are designated as English Learners are placed into an ELD course to accelerate their development and acquisition of academic English. The level of ELD a student takes depends on various data points, including but not limited to scores on the English Language Proficiency Assessments of California (ELPAC). 

    The curriculum for each level of ELD provides students the opportunity to learn academic English in all four language domains: speaking, listening, reading and writing. 

    The goals of the ELD Program are:

    • To accelerate English Learners' acquisition of basic intercommunication skills, as well as cognitive academic language proficiency to enable them to participate fully in the mainstream classroom.

    • To provide all students with an understanding of and respect for each other's cultural traditions and values.

    • To develop a positive self-concept, an ability to relate well to others, and acceptable standards of conduct and citizenship.