• Databases

    Access any of the databases below by clicking on its icon.  
    Remember all of the RHS databases are password protected. 
    For a list of ALL usernames and passwords please CLICK HERE.  Remember to be logged into your RJUHSD account in order to access the password document.

    Search through the 53 eBooks in Cameron’s Collection. It’s completely private and tackles everything from stressing over school to dealing with tough relationships. When you’re ready to talk — or just want to learn more — you have 24/7 access to resources that can help. 

    ABC-Clio  examines four areas of social studies:  American History, Amerian Government, Modern World History and the US at War. It includes historical perspectives as well as the culture of various eras.    

    InfoTrac is a general knowledge resource with wide-reaching content.  It houses three databases:  Student Resource Center, Opposing Viewpoints and GVRL.

    The Sacramento Bee
    houses current and multiple back issues of the Sacramento Bee in their entirety.  It is a good resource for current events and news.Be sure you are on "Student Log in" when accessing.

    Britannica Digital Resources
    Access information though Encyclopedia Britannica's database. 
    Need Spanish language resources?  Try Britannica Escolar

    PROQUEST: The State Department of Education is offering a suite of databases to all Caifornia K-12 students.  See the descriptions below.

    AT SCHOOL: clicking on the icons below will take you directly to the site

    REMOTE ACCESS: Go to this link:

    SIRS STUDENT CENTRAL Millions of articles from more than 10,000 full-text scholarly journals.
    SIRS Issues Researcher Examines a wide array of current/controversial issues.  It offers varied viewpoints from multiple sources: newspapers, magazines and books
    CULTURE GRAMS Concise cultural information on countries around the world. 
    DISCOVERER Selected content for novice researchers, especially elementary and middle school students and educators.
    ELIBRARY  General reference aggregation of periodical and digital media content with editorial guidance for novice researchers.  

     RESEARCH COMPANION  Information literacy tools and tutorials to help develop critical thinking.



    Pathfinders for current research 

    Click on the document below that matches the class/research you are currently assigned.  All web sites are hyperlinked for easy access.
    Teen Classics Books
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    outstanding books for college bound
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    search engines

    As amazing as Google is, there are other search engines that you may find you like as well . . . or even better.  Definitely give Google a try, and then broaden your search and  try these alternative sites out as well.
    Mamma:                        www.mamma.com     
    Dogpile:                        www.dogpile.com     
    Webcrawler:               www.webcrawler.com        
    Yippy:                            www.yippy.com    
    Hotbot:                          www.hotbot.com
    Gigablast:                   www.gigablast.com
    iSeek                       www.iseek.com

    work cited tools

    Click on the MLA Citation Guide below for detailed instruction on how to create your own Works Cited page.  Or use the free citation generator sites (below) to get started.
    Building a Bibliography
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    Son of Citation Machine