Short Term Independent Study

  • Short Term Independent Study is used for students who are out a minimum of three school days to a maximum of three weeks of school (15 school days).  Requests for Independent Study must be made at least five school days prior to the beginning of the agreement period with the exception of students participating due to illness.  It is requested that this process is initiated by the parent, in writing, using the process listed below.  Please note: If a request for Independent Study is made and the student doesn't complete the contract by the deadline, the student will not be able to participate in Independent Study again for one calendar year from the contract date.

    There are a few situations when Short Term Independent Study requests cannot be made: students on suspension, students who have a longer term illness and require Home Hospital services, and students on an IEP unless the IEP specifically provides for that participation. 

    Below is the overall process that will be followed at Oakmont High School in order to support students wishing to be on Short Term Independent Study and earn an attendance code of “Independent Study” for their time away from the classroom.

    • Parent/guardian will notify the school at least five school days in advance of the absence and initiate the process through the Google Form Please include the student's full name, 6 digit ID number, reason for absence and start and end dates of absence.
      • If the student is out due to illness, please still complete the Google Form with the information above and a contract will be initiated by the staff and be filled out by the teachers. The contract will need to be signed by the parent and student once the staff has received the assignment information from the teachers. If the student has already initiated the contract digitally with teachers and won’t need staff support in getting it filled out, please let us know.
    • Staff will fill out the front page of the contract and give it to the student to walk around to their teachers for the back page to be filled out (please allow 24-48 hours for this process to be started).
    • Student will walk the paper around to each of their teachers to be filled out and to get both parent and student signatures.
      • Teachers will need time to accurately complete this step.  Please be mindful of this as you are communicating with the teachers.
      • Please keep in mind that this contract is just for the equivalent of the school work missed per period.  Teachers may assign further assignments or assessments in order to fully complete the learning process and to be able to submit a grade for the student.  Students need to work with each individual teacher to determine how they will know if further work will be required of them beyond the contract and those appropriate deadlines.
    • Student will return the paper to the office for Ms. Biggs (counseling office) to review. We will keep the original in the office and give a copy to the student.
    • Upon the date of return, the student will turn in their assignments each period and have the teacher sign the copy of the agreement in the final two columns on the back page.
    • It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they are submitting a copy of ONE of the assignments that was submitted to their teachers and Ms. Biggs for “period attendance”.  A hard copy of the samples MUST be stapled to the contract. This should be done as the teacher is signing the final column.
    • This form, plus the samples, must be fully completed prior to the “Final Due Date” listed on the bottom of the front page of the contract and turned into Ms. Biggs by the “Final Due Date” listed.  Any issue with completing the form by the agreed upon “Final Due Date” should be communicated to Ms Biggs via email prior to the final due date.  It should be noted that requests for extensions will be handled case by case, but in most situations, the final due date is a firm deadline.


    A sample of the contract is provided here - please do not use this contract as the school needs to complete sections of it prior to the student receiving it.  English contract (Español