• Hello Senior and Senior Parent,
    If you or your senior has already taken or scheduled your senior portrait with Prestige Portraits, you're good to go. Don't worry if your appointment is a few days after the Oct. 27 deadline. Your portrait will appear in the 2022 Titanium yearbook.
    If you still need to schedule a portrait, please read on.
    You need to schedule your appointment immediately. While it is likely your portrait will appear in the yearbook, we cannopt guarantee it at this time. However, even with that said, we strongly encourage you to take your portrait. It should be OK. 
    Please read the attached information to schedule your Senior Portrait ASAP with Lifetouch's Prestige Portraits.
    Here's a scheduling link:
    You need to schedule your portrait ASAP or your photograph will not appear in the yearbook.
    Here's a link to COVID19 Updates: 
    If you have any questions you can email or call:
    email byterritory@lifetouch.com or call 1-877-825-7922