• Roseville High School Counseling Department

    (Links to forms and other info on this page will be updated at the end of July.  Schedules will be available for the 2022-23 school year via Aeries Portal on August 4th.)

    Hello Roseville High Tigers!  We hope you enjoy your summer break.   As the fall term approaches, we wanted to share some information with you regarding class schedules.


    The RHS Counseling Department has made every effort to match student needs with available classes. Therefore, there should be no reason for a schedule change unless there is an error on the student’s schedule. Roseville High does not grant schedule changes unless the request meets one or more of the following criteria listed:


    1. Missing a class period (ex: no 2nd period) 
    2. Wrong level of course (ex: enrolled in Integrated Math 2 but never passed Integrated Math I with a C- or better)
    3. Two of the same periods (ex: you have two third periods scheduled but no 2nd period)
    4. Missing a graduation requirement (English 12 is needed for graduation but not listed on course schedule)
    5. Missing an “a-g” college entrance requirement (ex: have not taken a VAPA yet)
    6. Enrolled in class already completed (ex: went to fall credit recovery for a class failed)
    7. Would like to add an additional academic course if space permits (ex: student has decided to add a math class or AP course not previously selected)


    Process For Requesting A Class Change:

    Students, you have access to view your class schedule in your AERIES Homelink portal on August 4th.  If you see an error that meets the above criteria, you can submit a change request by doing the following: 

    1. Refer to the available class list and figure out which class you would like to add: Available Course List
    2. Submit your request by completing this form: RHS Request For Schedule Change Due To Error
      1. Make sure your request meets the criteria or it will not be considered.
      2. No elective changes, teacher changes, period changes, or lunch change requests will be accommodated. 
    3. Please fill in the form accurately and completely to request a change to your classes.   
    4. If you have more than one request you must fill out a separate form for each request.
    5. Requests must be submitted online by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, August 10, 2022, in order to be considered.  All forms submitted before the deadline will be given consideration.
    6. If your change is approved, you will see it reflected in your AERIES class schedule by Sunday, August 14, 2022. 


    Please DO NOT email or call your counselor to request a class change. At this time of year, counselors are enrolling new students and building their class schedules, reviewing summer credit recovery grades, reviewing transcripts, balancing class sizes, etc. We will not be able to monitor email and phone requests so please follow the above process. 


    RHS Counseling Team and RHS Administration Team