• Athletic Probation Period

    A student may be granted one grading period of probation during his/her high school enrollment in the RJUHSD, beginning with the first school's (9th grade) grading period. A probation period is the same length and duration as a grading period.   

    The probation may be granted only if the student has met one of the two academic eligibility requirements: 

    1. Student must be passing three of four classes (if taking A/B yearlong courses, student must be passing four of five classes)
    2. Student must have a total weighted GPA of 2.0 for the most recent grading period

    Completed applications, with all required signatures, must be submitted to the Assistant Principal for final approval prior to a competition, and a copy submitted to the student's coach.   

    If the student is below both standards, he/she will not be granted probation. 

    A transfer student who is ineligible from his/her previous school will not be eligible for probation upon initial enrollment at RHS.

    The probation will be granted and recorded even if the student subsequently fails to perform in any competition. 


    Click here to complete the Application For Extracurricular or Co-Curricular Probationary Period