• Virtual College Fairs

    Virtual College Fairs Presented by NACAC


    Jan 31 College Fair Register Here

    Jan 31st 1:00 pm - Jan 31st 4:00 pm 


    Feb 28 College Fair Register Here

    Feb 28th 1:00 pm - Feb 28th 4:00 pm 


    Mar 7 STEM Fair Register Here

    Mar 7th 1:00 pm - Mar 7th 3:00 pm 


    Mar 16 Performing & Visual Arts Fair Register Here

    Mar 16th 4:00 pm - Mar 16th 3:00 pm 


    Mar 21 College Fair Register Here

    Mar 21st 1:00 pm - Mar 21st 4:00 pm 


    Apr 10 Western US Fair Register Here

    Apr 10th 12:00 pm - Apr 10th 4:00 pm 


    Apr 20 Southeastern US Fair Register Here

    Apr 20th 3:00 pm - Apr 20th 4:00 pm 


    May 2 College Fair Register Here

    May 2nd 1:00 pm - May 2nd 4:00 pm 


    Quick Start Video and Guide

    This short video and this quick start guide provide an overview of how students can make the most of their fair experience. Students are encouraged to sign up at virtualcollegefairs.org and look around several days before each fair date.

    Pro Tip: Students can click the "Remind Me" button when they see a Zoom session that will be offered by a college that interests them. The reminder will get added to their "My Schedule" tab and they'll receive a text when the session is about to start. 

    NACAC Workshops

    In addition to colleges' Zoom sessions, NACAC also offers Zoom workshops for students and families. These are general, 30-minute information sessions. Enter "nacac" in the "search by college" field to find workshops scheduled for each fair.

    Sponsored Sessions 

    Sponsorship support for NACAC Virtual College Fairs is provided by PNC Bank, which offers informative Zoom sessions at each fair. Enter "pnc" in the "search by college" to find workshops scheduled for each fair.

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