Registration: 9th Grade Oakmont Students

  • Registration for current incoming 9th grade students is from February 10-24, 2021


    February 5: Introduction letter is mailed home to all 8th graders with address on file at feeder school.  Letter will include all important dates, registration information and student unique ID number for Homelink.  If you do not receive a letter by February 10 AND you live within the OHS Boundaries, please call Oakmont HS 916-782-3781

    February 17 Virtual Showcase Evening: 6-7:30pm via Zoom.  Visit our Showcase Website for Videos to watch prior to the event and Zoom links for that evening.

    February 22 (4-6pm), 23 (5-7pm), or 24 (4-6pm) Academic Planning Meeting via Zoom: Meet with an OHS Staff member to discuss your Academic Plan (please have the plan completed for all four years prior to the meeting).  You need to sign up for a slot of time as spaces are limited in each 30 minute window - your individual meetings are only 8 minutes in length and you will be seen in the order you enter the Zoom meeting at your assigned time.  You will enter the Zoom waiting room and stay in the room until a staff member is available.

    February 24 @ 11:59pm: Complete your entire Academic Plan in Homelink for classes. (See step #3 below.)

    February 24 @ 11:59pm: Google Form for Alternates is submitted (See step #4 below.)

    STEP #1: Parents Complete all Online School Enrollment Documents through Aeries AIR
                          Instructions for completing online AIR enrollment - Click Here
    You will need to upload various documents for enrollment.  If you do not have access to a scanner, please use your smart phone.  Instructions for scanning documents on phones are as follows: 
                          ANDROID phones  |   APPLE phones
    Transfer students must be approved by RJUHSD prior to continuing with the following steps.
    STEP #2: Review Classes offered by Oakmont HS
    View the OHS Course Catalog and Academic Planning Information (located in the course catalog)
    View the Course Planning Sheet for next school year (see bottom of this website).
    View the Program and Department Videos from Showcase Night to help you pick your classes.
    STEP #3: Complete your Academic Plan in Aeries
    View Step-by-step instructions and complete your Academic Plan between February 10-24, 2021.
    Students will need to login to their own Homelink account to register for classes (parent accounts will not work for class registration).
    Student account information is mailed (and should be received by February 10) to students who live within our school boundaries. 
    Students approved for a transfer and miss the Feb 24 registration deadline will work with our registrar how to request classes.
    STEP #4: Submit Four Alternate Classes
    Students have put on their Academic Plan elective courses (classes not in the minimum graduation requirements in the subject areas of : English, Social Science, Math, World Languages, and Science) as requested for the following school year. There are times that we cannot fit an elective course into a student schedule.
    We use these four alternates to help place students into classes. Please pick carefully and use the Course Catalog to help make your decisions.
    STEP #5: Check for Applications for Classes
    Some classes (Culinary 1, Dance 4, Media Pathway Classes, Student Government, Health Academy, and Library Science) do require an application - please see this webpage for the application. Please fill these out as soon as you register for class.  Students who do not submit the application by the set deadline may not be considered for the course. 

Course Planning Sheets 2021-2022