• Enrollment Night Information


    CLICK HERE to enter the Zoom waiting room.  You will be connected with a staff member who will ask you a couple of questions and then assign you to a breakout room to work with a counselor, administrator or teacher.  Please note that this may take some time - sort of like a virtual line.  You may see a message that says "please wait for the host to let you in."  Someone will be with you shortly.


    Check your assigned date and time (by student's last name) below:


    Last names   A - C    4:30 - 5:30  February 23rd

    Last names   D - G    5:30 - 6:30  February 23rd

    Last names   H - L    6:30 - 7:30  February 23rd

    Last names   M - P   4:30 - 5:30  February 25th

    Last names   Q - T   5:30 - 6:30  February 25th

    Last names   U - Z   6:30 - 7:30  February 25th           




    • Be sure that you have completed the online course planning form:  CLICK HERE


    • Check out our Academic Planning Guide for information on classes, graduation requirements, and more. CLICK HERE