• New State-Mandated Attendance Protocol




    The State of California has changed attendance-taking practices. 

    Please review the following information to understand the basics of our new attendance system.  


    Auto-Call System for Attendance

    Our district's attendance auto-call system has been activated.  You may have received a call regarding your student being "Not Engaged" for one or more class sessions or days. You can also check your student’s attendance record by using the Homelink portal.


    Attendance Codes 


    E - "Engaged ONLINE": the student was visually present during the class session and completed the daily engagement assignment. 

    N - "Not Engaged": There are four scenarios that cause a student to receive this mark.

    • A student is not visually present and does not complete the daily engagement assignment within the timeframe of the class.

    • A student is visually present but does not complete the daily engagement assignment within the timeframe of the class.

    • A student is not visually present but does complete the daily engagement assignment within the timeframe of the class. 

    Other Marks:

    "--" - This means that the teacher did not mark E or N; in this case, please contact your child’s teacher to verify attendance.  

    D - "Excused":  This means that a parent contacted our attendance office and informed the school of their student's absence.  


    Technology Issues and Attendance

    In the first few days of school, we have worked to help students and families resolve technology issues.  We have also worked to accommodate attendance marks, given these issues.  

    If you continue to have technical issues that impact access to classes, please contact us immediately so that we can help to resolve the problem.


    Synchronous Classes

    Our district has adopted a model of online learning that is synchronous.  This means that each student must be in class on time and stay for the entire period.  A daily engagement activity must be completed for each class during the timeframe of the class.  If a student is accessing assignments but not attending synchronous classes, attendance will be affected.  

    Thank you for your attention to student attendance and partnering with us to follow new state guidelines.  If you have questions beyond the scope of this email, please select from the list below for the most appropriate contact.


    RSVLA Attendance Office: 


    Phone: TBD