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    Here is a unique opportunity to join our Local Scholarship Program.


    Option #1:

    Donate anytime to the Oakmont Pride Scholarship Fund. This fund will award 2 scholarships every year. Click here to donate


    Option #2:

    Sponsor a scholarship.

    Contact Katrina Headrick at kheadrick@rjuhsd.us to find out more details.


    “...my life completely changed when I received the news I had been selected to receive the Scholarship.” (Brenda class of 2020 )

    “Because of the generosity of this committee, I can pursue my dreams with less worry of how I am going to afford to pay for my tuition or extra expenses for the next 4 years, every dollar is a weight lifted off my shoulders and an hour more I can spend studying instead of working.”  (Kimi class of 2020)

     “I promise that this funding will not go to waste. I will continue to work hard, persevere  through the difficult circumstances, and give back to my community. I hope too that one day I can  help students achieve their dreams as you have generously helped me. “ (Brenda class of 2020)