• Good evening, 

    Please read the following information prior to making a choice for enrollment in the Roseville Joint Union High School District for the Spring 2021 term. Our goal is to better serve your student under the evolving COVID-19 conditions. Please submit your response by Wednesday, November 4 at 11:59 PM. The link for submitting your response is at the bottom of this communication.  Your participation and support is greatly appreciated. 


    Jess Borjon 

    Interim Superintendent

    Roseville Student Virtual Learning Academy Update

    Students enrolled in the Roseville Virtual Student Learning Academy (RVSL Academy) will be served in an online model to the fullest extent possible.


    When possible, student schedules that cannot be fully served by RSVL Academy may be supplemented by their current school to complete any remaining courses online. 


    Because each student’s circumstances are unique, a variety of scenarios are possible:


    • In most instances, students will have all their classes taught by RSVL Academy.
    • There will be students who may have a combination of some classes being taught by their home school and some by RSVL Academy.
    • When a student has a course that is not available in an online environment, the course may be offered in a hybrid model at the school site.
    • Some students will require schedule changes in order to fully develop our school programs and meet the needs of as many students as possible. 


    In the scenarios listed above, students who choose an online path for the spring semester will have their classes provided in an online manner.  We will continue to follow state health guidelines, which could impact on-campus schedules. See possible sample schedules here.


    Specific expectations of an exclusive online learning model are:


    • Students must attend for a minimum of 240 minutes - this may mean you will not be able to take an off-campus course.
    • The majority of courses will be taught in a synchronous format and aligned with the school schedule.
    • Safety guidelines will be in place in the on-campus model except for 3 feet spacing social distancing in classrooms (a contact tracing guideline of 6 feet is still in place). Read safety guidelines for RJUHSD here.
    • Special education students’ needs will be met, either online or on-campus, and will be provided outside the RSVL Academy model to the greatest extent possible. For more details go to the link provided here
    • English learner students will be provided with English language instruction while participating in RSVL Academy. Students will be assigned to a period of English Language Development (ELD) as one of their 4 daily periods. We understand and respect that families need to make the decision as to what’s best for their children. However, we also feel obligated to let you know that the online support may look a little different than the support students would receive if they were face-to-face. 
    • Additional FAQs can be found in English, Spanish and Russian here:ly/RSVLA-FAQ



    Below are the course offerings for the RSVL Academy. If you would like to attend the RSVL Academy, you must be aware that the courses listed below are the course offerings at the time of print. The district is working with each school to expand the online Advanced Placement courses. Special academic programs may be offered by the school and include: AVID, Career Technical Education Capstone courses, Health Academy, International Baccalaureate and Project Lead The Way. 


    Other RSVL Academy aspects to be aware of :

    • Courses will be your current spring schedule with changes as necessary. 
    • There is no need to sign up for actual classes. 
    • Students will be contacted by a counselor if a schedule change is required.




    UC/CSU "a" courses 

    Social Studies



    US History

    World Studies

    AP European History

    AP US History




    UC/CSU "b" courses 

    English Lang Arts


    English 9

    English 10

    English 11

    English 12

    Honors English 10

    AP Lang/Comp




    UC/CSU “c” courses



    Integrated Math 1

    Integrated Math 2

    Integrated Math 3


    AP Calculus BC

    AP Statistics

    UC/CSU “d” courses



    NGSS Biology

    NGSS Physics

    NGSS Chemistry



    UC/CSU “e” courses

    Foreign Language


    Spanish 1

    Spanish 2

    Spanish 3







    UC/CSU “f” courses

    Fine Arts


    Art 1

    Art 2

    Photo 1




    Music Appreciation



    UC/CSU “g” courses



    AP Human Geography

    CP Military History

    AP Psychology

    Social Psychology

    RJUHSD Graduation Requirement courses


    Health and Wellness

    PE 9

    PE 10


    Note:  These courses above were added to this list based on the number of students surveyed who chose RSVLA and had these courses already listed in their current spring 2021 schedules. This list represents courses that had approximately 25 or more students scheduled.