• As the district moves towards new and adapting models for the digital classroom, the biggest change we could make is something so simple; a wireless microphone. The microphone doesn't seem like much, until it amplifies a soft or easy voice across a classroom. Allowing teachers and staff to save their voice, and instead engage students more easily. It also allows for something revolutionary. Allowing kids who are hard of hearing to be engaged and able to listen. Often for kids in the back hearing the teacher can become difficult once bodies are in front of them. With the wireless mics this allows the voice to be projected easily across the whole classroom. Not only that, but with the distance and hybrid learning models we had a problem: How does a teacher continue to teach like they use to, by getting up and walking around, while also still being heard by students on Zoom? We started taking that audio from the mics and actually feeding it back in to the computer, allowing students on Zoom to hear you no matter where you are in the classrom. 

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  • We'd really recommend that you watch the video below as it goes over a fair bit of information about the Lightspeed 955 system that has been installed in your classroom. Here's some main points for you to reference:

    • The main box is both an Amp and a Receiver. 
    • The mics are both a Transmitter and a Receiver.
    • The mics operate on RF (Radio Frequency) and as such can work over a greater distance and through walls. (So know that it could be listening anytime it's near you)
    • It has minimal EQ Controls on it. 
    • The charging base for it also includes an extra USB charge port on the back.
Last Modified on October 28, 2020