• The classroom is a changing space right now. During the start of Distance Learning many ideas were floated around. When the tech department listened to the ideas and requests from teachers about what they thought the virtual classroom looked like we came up with a system that we think really allows for the feeling of being in class, even when you can't physically be there. This video talks about some of the ways that you can help implement the vision of seamless integration of technology in the classroom, and distance learning. 

Zoom, ChromeOS and Logitech PTZ Pro logos combined.

  • There's a bit to take in from the video linked below. I cannot recommend enough that you watch that first, but here are some main points to take away from it and a quick TL;DW to take away. 

    • You should have the lightspeed amp/receiver connected to your dock via a cable (3.5mm).
      • That cable should be plugged in to a USB headphone splitter that has a pink port it's plugged in to. 
    • In ChromeOS you should select the input in the notification bar (By selecting the arrow next to the volume slider.)
      • ChromeOS Notification Bar  
    • In Zoom you should select your mic as either "same as system" or "USB Audio Device" from the arrow next to mic.
      • Zoom Main Bar with Mic Arrow Highlighted
    • In Zoom you should select your camera (PTZ Pro 2)
Last Modified on October 28, 2020