• Message originally sent 1021/2020


    Dear RJUHSD Families,

    I am pleased to announce that planning for the Roseville Virtual Student Learning Academy (RSVL Academy) is underway. So we can prepare and plan for spring 2021, we need to receive your completed choice by 11:59 PM on Monday, October 26, 2020Detailed registration materials will be sent by November 2 for all families to complete. 

    For the 2021 spring term, I choose the following for my student: (Choose either ‘A’ or ‘B’)

    1. On-campus learning at the current school that includes in-person instruction to the greatest extent possible. This option may include any of these schedules over the course of the spring semester as safety and health conditions support. 
    2. Online learning via the RSVL Academy that remains online for the duration of the spring semester. Course selection will be limited, however all courses will satisfy graduation requirements and will meet UC a-g course work. The instruction is provided in a synchronous manner, taught by a credentialed RJUHSD teacher. 


    NOTE: Students in the following programs will not be served by RSVL Academy and will be served by the current school in either an on-campus or online model: AVID, Career Technical Education Capstone Courses, Heath Academy, International Baccalaureate, Project Lead The Way and Special Education.




    Roseville Student Virtual Learning Academy (RSVLA)

    1. What is RSVL Academy?

    RSVL Academy is a free, online learning program for existing RJUHSD students. Courses are taught by fully credentialed teachers and will include high quality academic curriculum, synchronous instruction, and learning support in a completely online environment. 

    1. Who should consider applying?

    Families and students with health concerns who choose to learn online instead of returning to classes on campus.

    1. What courses will be offered?

    RSVL Academy will offer only courses that help students meet RJUHSD graduation and UC/CSU college eligibility requirements. Final course offerings will depend on the number of registered students and available teachers.

    1. Will this be different than last spring’s emergency shift to online learning?

    Yes! Courses will follow a common curriculum that has been refined by subject area teachers to ensure consistency and quality across all classes and all teachers.

    1. Will expectations and experience for students be different from last spring?

    Yes, students will be held to higher expectations, and grading policy will return to its normal percentages before the spring 2020 closure (90%=A, 80%=B, etc). Courses will include grading of online assignments, participation in online activities and discussions, online quizzes and tests, and some projects, both individual and in groups.

    1. Can IEP, 504, and EL students join RSVL Academy?

    Yes, all students are eligible for RSVL Academy.

    1. What materials will my student receive for RSVL Academy?

    All RJUHSD students are provided with a district-issued Chromebook and textbooks.

    1. Will students get the same teachers as they would have at their home school?

    RSVLA students will have new classes and new teachers who have opted to join RSVLA from various RJUHSD school sites.

    1. What does simultaneous enrollment mean?

    Simultaneous enrollment means that RSVL Academy students can participate in extracurricular activities as allowed by health guidelines (Also see question #12 below about eligibility requirements).

    1. How do I enroll my student?

    Existing RJUHSD Students:

    Students already enrolled in RJUHSD who wish to enroll in RSVL Academy should complete a registration form that will be sent out the week of October 26.

    1. Are students able to transfer from RSVL Academy back to their home school?

    Yes, but only after completing the end of the spring 2021 semester. Students can transfer from RSVL Academy back to their comprehensive high school site in August 2021.

    1. Is my student able to participate in athletics and/or student activities?

    Yes, students enrolled in RSVL Academy are eligible to participate in extracurricular activities in the home school in which they are simultaneously enrolled.Students must meet the same extracurricular activity eligibility requirements as students enrolled in the traditional day program, including, but not limited to, high school athletic codes, grades eligibility requirements, CIF requirements, and behavior/disciplinary guidelines or contracts. Please check with your home school for details or questions about these requirements.

    1. What academic supports are available for my student?

    RSVL Academy will notify and coordinate students’ comprehensive school site counselors and other support staff to coordinate appropriate support as needed (academic, socio-emotional, other).

    1. What type of technology will my student need to access their assignments?

    Students enrolled in RSVL Academy will need their district-provided Chromebook and reliable internet connectivity. Students with internet connectivity issues should call the RJUHSD Hotline at (916) 462-9511 to coordinate assistance with internet connectivity.

    1. What social-emotional and/or counseling supports are available for my student?

    Wellness Center staff and resources will be available to support RSVL Academy students throughout the school year. Students will also work with their assigned home school counselor to assist with academic planning, including 4-year plans, transcripts, career interests and the college application process.

    1. Will RSVL Academy meet the needs of IEP and EL (English Learner) students?

    RSVL Academy is available for IEP and English Learner students. Placement decisions for English Learner students will be made on an individual basis.

    1. Are RSVL Academy courses college approved and accredited?

    Yes, RSVL Academy courses meet UC/CSU a-g guidelines and are NCAA approved.

    1. If all RJUHSD schools go back to full distance learning due to new health concerns, will RSVL Academy classes be merged with classes from the home school?

    No. Once established, RSVL Academy classes will remain separate and won’t be merged with existing classes from RJUHSD schools.  

    1. How does RSVL Academy compare to the Hybrid Model?

    The Hybrid Model is simply an alternative to full, on-campus classes that would reduce the number of students on campus and the number of physical contacts to which students and staff would be exposed. The Hybrid Model is merely a “middle ground” between fully on-campus teaching and fully online distance learning, and it is an option that may be deployed as circumstances dictate. The Hybrid Model does not apply to RSVL Academy.  RSVLA will be following a 100% online model separate from the other classes at RJUHSD school sites.



    Jess Borjon

    Interim Superintendent