• The PTZ Pro 2 comes with an easy to use remote. Allowing staff to walk freely around the room and continue to control the camera and where it's aimed. 

PTZ Pro 2 Remote
    1. Flip Camera Button
      1. This makes it so you can quickly swap how your viewers see you and whether that image is mirrored or not.
    2. Camera Off Button
      1. Pressing this turns the light off on the Camera to indicate that it is no longer "on"
    3. Camera Shutter Button
    4. Zoom Camera in
    5. Zoom Camera Out
    6. Directional Pad
      1. This is relative to you looking at the camera.
      2. Use the arrows to indicate which direction you want the camera to point towards.
    7. Home button
      1. This takes the camera to the defined "Home" position
    8. 1-3 Preset buttons.
      1. Set each one of these to a defined area.
      2. To set a specific angle to a preset point the remote at the PTZ Pro 2 camera
      3. Ensure that it's pointing where you want that preset to go
      4. Press and hold the button down until the blue light on the front of the PTZ Camera flashes.
Last Modified on October 28, 2020