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    What exactly is Financial Aid?

    Financial Aid is the money you and your family can get for educational expenses. It’s designed to supplement the amount you and your family contribute. There are four basic types of financial aid: Grants, Scholarships, Work Study and Loans.

    • Grants – awarded based on need; you do not have to repay a grant. (federal grant info)
    • Scholarships – awarded on special ability, academic achievement, religious affiliation, ethnic background, special interest, or random drawing; you do not have to repay a scholarship.
    • Work Study – a federal program offering part-time jobs both on and off campus. You don’t repay work study funds because you’re trading work for financial aid.
    • Education Loans – funds borrowed from a financial institution or the federal government. You must repay education loans, usually with interest. (Federal Student Loan info and Direct Loan info for students)

    To receive any of the above, you start by filling out the FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application.

    Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Discount
    Western Undergraduate Exchange Program - a program that allows students who are residents of California to enroll at participating colleges outside of California at a reduced tuition rate. Often times, out of state fees are reduced by 50% at participating schools.