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  • Spanning displays is an option that ChromeOS has that converts two monitors into one. By making the two monitors act as one massive monitor you could potentially create one longer monitor that could be more useful for media consumption. The span display is a setting that is set by default on ChromeOS. 

    1. Go to your notification center, found wherever your clock/time is, usually in the bottom right of your screen.
    2. ChromeOS Notification Center Opened
    3. In the notification center click the settings gear Settings gear icon
    4. When the new settings window opens look on the left hand side for "Device" and select it.
    5. ChromeOS Settings Page with Devices highlighted
    6. Select "Displays"
    7. Under "Unified Desktop" you'll see an option for "Allow Windows to Span Displays" once unchecked your screens will function as normal.
    8.  Span Displays tick box circled in red
Last Modified on September 17, 2020