• Members of the Board of Trustees are public officials who are elected by district by the registered voters in that district. They serve four-year terms without limit.

    Regular meetings of the Board of Trustees shall be open to the public and shall be held in the District Administration Center, 1750 Cirby Way, Roseville, California, or at other locations, or times, within the District as the Board shall designate, on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month between the hours of 6:00 and 8:00 PM, as posted on the agenda, unless a Thursday falls on a legal or Board declared holiday, in which event the meeting shall be deemed cancelled unless rescheduled. 

    The month of November 2022 will have only one meeting, which will be scheduled on November 10, 2022.  The month of December, will have two meetings; one on December 8 and one on December 15, 2022.   

    In addition, Thursday, February 10, 4:30 PM and Thursday, August 25, 4:30 PM will be designated as regular board meetings, to be held at the District Administration Center, or at other locations within the District, for the purpose of the Superintendent’s evaluation.