• PE 9

    PE 9

    An introduction to various physical activities and sports. Instruction includes basic skills, rules, safety, etiquette, sportsmanship, care of equipment, and personal hygiene. Designed to introduce students to team sports through an instructional based program. Units taught will include but not be limited to hockey, soccer, softball, basketball, pickle-ball, aquatics, dance, track and fitness assessment. Emphasis will be placed on social skills, sportsmanship, respect, fitness awareness, conditioning and the importance of daily physical activity.

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  • PE 10

    PE 10

    A continuing experience with skills and knowledge gained in PE 9, as well as experience with additional physical education activities not previously taught. Designed to introduce students to various activities with an emphasis on individual and dual sports. Units taught will include but not be limited to aquatic lifesaving and games, tennis, volleyball, badminton, golf, archery, combatives, self-defense, dance, softball and fitness assessment. Social skills, sportsmanship, fitness principles and regular daily conditioning will continue to be taught, practiced and reinforced in this class.

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  • Elective PE

    Elective PE

    Designed to provide an opportunity to expand and refine skills learned in PE 9 and PE 10. The emphasis will be on recreational fitness, skill development and individual as well as team strategies.

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