• Viking Expectations








     Use kind words and actions 

    Texting or phone use during passing period and lunch only

     Respect the space, property, and learning of others

     Respect the rules of the classroom

     Follow teacher and guest teacher requests


     Come to class prepared with materials 

    Keep handouts and organize them in a binder

    Study for tests

     Complete assignments to the best of your ability

      Ask for help when needed

    Pick up after yourself

     Demonstrate personal ethics

    Do your own work and tests

    Keep test questions to yourself
    Report cheating

    Tell the truth

     Attend school drug and alcohol free

     Show up-attend daily and arrive to class on time

     Support the efforts of others

     Participate in classroom discussion and activities

    Keep personal belongings in your pocket or backpack

     Head up, hood off, eyes forward and visible




    Use kind words and actions

    Use normal voice volume

    Keep hands and objects to yourself

     Keep displays of affection brief and appropriate

    Move directly to class without lingering

    Keep your pass visible at all times


    Walk at all times

    Use appropriate and safe behavior

     Arrive to class on time

     Follow dress code

    Clean up your trash


    Assist in keeping the peace


     Make eye contact with others

    Use “The Golden Rule”

     Politely encourage others to engage in positive conversation and comments



    Use kind words and actions

     Clean up your trash


    Clean up your trash


    Pay for your own food

    Keep your own place in line

     Encourage others to clean up trash 


    Thank the cafeteria staff when they serve you

     Use table manners

     Participate in lunch time activities



    Use kind words and actions

     Exercise proper etiquette for the event

     Be respectful to the performers and athletes

     Show your appreciation through positive cheering or clapping at appropriate times

    Stand and sing the National Anthem in a respectful manner


    Arrive prior to the start of the event

     Clean up after yourself

     Use equipment and facility appropriately

     Leave everything better than you found it

    Honor your school with good sportsmanship

    Be welcoming and kind to visitors

    Demonstrate school pride in a positive manner

     Use only designated areas

     Report vandalism

     Pay admission

    Focus on the event; take personal conversations outside

     Enjoy the entire event

     Participate and join in when encouraged to do so.





    Use kind words and actions

     Clean up any mess you make

     Respect facility – no writing on anything

     Give others privacy


    Go directly to and from bathroom

    Plan ahead and use bathroom between class – use bathroom pass privilege sparingly

     Report cleaning needs to the office

    Report vandals and vandalism

     Carry bathroom pass

    Move away from the mirror so others can wash their hands

    Keep social conversations outside to respect the privacy of others.