• Oakmont High School Student Clubs

    Clubs are run under Student Government.  Please see Mr. Kentris in Room M-2 for more information about clubs. WANT TO START A NEW CLUB? Scroll to the bottom of the page for the Club Constituion form!

OHS Club Information

Club Name Advisor Advisor Email Meeting Times Website
Aerospace Engineering Club Andrewa Muller amuller@rjuhsd.us Fridays @2:40pm in 105
Boys Basketball John Hunter jhunter@rjuhsd.us Mondays @3:00pm in P31
California Scholarship Federation Doug Ginn dginn@rjuhsd.us Second Wednesday of each month during both lunches in 108
Calligraphy Club Danielle Michel dmichel@rjuhsd.us Fridays during both lunches in FA-2
Clay Sports Matt Parr mparr@rjuhsd.us Fridays @2:45pm in P28
Comic Book Club Rick Campbell ricampbell@rjuhsd.us Wednesdays @2:35pm in 511
Community Club Kelly Borgeson kborgeson@rjuhsd.us Thursdays in 406
Computer Club Alex Wurden awurden@rjuhsd.us Wednesday @2:45pm https://sites.google.com/rjuhsd.us/ohs-computerclub/welcome
CREATE Club Dave Weld dweld@rjuhsd.us Mondays in IA-2
E-Sports Club Alexander Wurden awurden@rjuhsd.us Wednesdays @2:45pm-4:15pm in IA-2 Casual Fridays @2:45pm-4:15pm in IA-2 https://sites.google.com/rjuhsd.us/ohs-esports/welcome
Future Voters Club Auna Willert awillert@rjuhsd.us Thursdays @2:35pm in B3
Gay Straight Aliance Janette Snyder jsnyder@rjuhsd.us Wednesdays @2:30pm in 410
Interact Club Denal Green dgreen@rjuhsd.us Wednesdays @2:45pm in the Cafeteria
Key Club Cristina Myers cmyers@rjuhsd.us Thursdays @2:40pm-3:00pm in P23
K-Pop Club John Polli jpolli@rjuhsd.us Wednesdays & Thursdays @2:40pm in the quad
Mock Trial Team Kim Caroll kcarroll@rjuhsd.us Tuesdays @3:00pm in P29 https://sites.google.com/rjuhsd.us/ohs-mock-trial/home
Multi-Cultural Club Lupe Ferreira mferreira@rjuhsd.us Mondays during both lunches
Oakmont Girls Soccer Team Kelly Bohren & Stephanie Paulsen kbohren@rjuhsd.us spaulsen@rjuhsd.us Mondays on the soccer field
Oakmont Psi Alpha Chapter Bylaws Club Kim Carroll kcarroll@rjuhsd.us Once a month in P29
Oakmont Track and Field Kelly Bohren & Teresa Enrico kbohren@rjuhsd.us tenrico@rjuhsd.us Mondays @7:30am in 401 (during the season)
People Are There Club Mrs. Sunshine Wednesdays @2:40pm in the quad
Robotics and Engineering Club Alex Wurden awurden@rjuhsd.us Fridays in IA-1 https://sites.google.com/rjuhsd.us/ohs-roboticsandengeeringclub/welcome
Speech and Debate Club John Welch jwelch@rjuhsd.us Thursdays @2:40pm in 513
Strategy/Chess Club Alex Wurden awurden@rjuhsd.us Fridays at 2:45 pm in Room IA-1 https://sites.google.com/rjuhsd.us/ohs-strategyclub/welcome
The world Project Mr.Jinguji N/A
Tiea Club Lane Bacchi First and third Friday @ lunch in room 111
UNICEF Mamadov Balde Friday's @ 2:45 in room 204
Viking Garden A.J. Helton ahelton@rjuhsd.us Thursday's After School in 102
Viking vision Kelly Bohren Once a month @ room 401 During lunch or after school
World Travel Club Clarise Swaney Cswaney@rjuhsd.us Every other week at 2:40-3:15 in room 311
Young life Darby Maasl No dates.