It's a Great Day to be a Viking!

  • Viking Oakmont High School opened its doors in 1966 and is the second of five high schools in the Roseville Joint Union High School District (RJUHSD). OHS currently serves a diverse population of approximately 1,350 students from within the Roseville and surrounding communities. Oakmont’s commitment to excellence has been part of our tradition for over 50 years.

    Our Vision Statement, "Honoring our tradition of excellence with a commitment to the future," reflects both the importance of our history in this community and our recognition that we must prepare students for a constantly changing world.

    Our Mission Statement emphasizes and defines the importance of success for our students: "The Oakmont community empowers and engages all students, preparing them for lifelong success as contributors in a global society."  This emphasizes the importance of and our dedication to college and career readiness.

  • Oakmont's Mascot:  


    Mascot's Name: 


    School Colors:  

    Navy Blue, Columbia Blue, White




    Norse Notes

  • Oakmont HS Alma Mater

    All Hail Oakmont High School, 

    Her colors blue and white, 

    Her Vikings fight with all their might,

    To uphold mighty Odin’s goal.

    Our true loyalty we offer,

    With hearts all swelled with Pride!

    Our Alma Mater loyal to you!

    We hail to our Oakmont High!

  • Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

    Oakmont High School students will complete, at a minimum, district graduation requirements and will be:

    Effective Communicators who:

    • Communicate confidently and creatively in a variety of ways 

    Self-Directed Learners who:

    • Identify, diagnose, and use creative problem solving and critical thinking
    • Develop academic skills to succeed in future educational and career opportunities
    • Show evidence of the ability to process, revise, and integrate knowledge across the curriculums
    • Demonstrate knowledge that leads to life-long wellness

    Responsible and Active Citizens who:

    • Promote intercultural awareness through mutual respect, appreciation and acceptance among people of different backgrounds, cultures, and abilities
    • Contribute time, energies, and talents to improve the quality of life in our school and community through participation and service
    • Understand the environmental, social, and economic impacts of decisions