• Attendance Office

    The Attendance office is regulated and audited by the State of California ~ All absences (Including early dismissal & late arrivals) MUST go through the Attendance Office.
    Please allow 30 minutes to process your request. 
    Early Dismissal on rally days and Friday's before a 3 day weekend / holiday break will take longer to process requests. 
    • Students are responsible for picking up their attendance pass (during passing period or lunch) to leave campus. 
    • Attendance Passes will NOT be delivered to their class, this disrupts the education process.
    • Students pick up their attendance pass in the Attendance office before school, during passing period or during lunch.

    ⇒ To speak to the Attendance Clerk call (916) 771-6565 - Press option 1  then Choose Option 2

    ⇒ For Early Dismissal or Late Arrival call (916) 771-6565 - press option 1 then Choose Option 2

    ⇒ For an ALL DAY absence call (916) 771-6565  Press Option 1 then Choose Option 1

    ⇒ Check your students attendance record and set up weekly reminders in Homelink (Aeries)


    Attendance Information (2020 COVID-19) from October 12th ~ December 18th  





    What do I do if my child is absent all day?

    Preferred Option: Send a note with your child the day they return and have them drop it off at the attendance window

     Option #2: Call the Attendance Office (916) 771-6565 Press Option 1, then choose option 1 again. 


    What do I do if my child is arriving late?

    Preferred Option: Send a note with your child. When they arrive, have them check in at the attendance office prior to attending class

    Option #2: Call the Attendance Office (916) 771-6565 Press Option 1, then choose option 2.

    Option #3: Walk into the attendance office with your child to check them in


    What do I do if my child is leaving early?

    Preferred Option: Send a note with your child in the morning and have them take it to the attendance office to pick up an early dismissal slip before class, during break or lunch

    Option #2: Call the Attendance Office* at least one hour prior to the time they need to leave class.

    Option #3: Come in to the Attendance Office to sign your child out. It could take up to ½ hour for us to dismiss students from a class. (i.e.; break/lunch, P.E. class and class testing) We are unable to retrieve students from class after 2:20 p.m.


    What do I do if my child is sick at school?

    If you receive a phone call/text message from your child stating they are sick, please have your child report to the school nurse immediately. The nurse will check them out to go home if necessary


    *When calling the Attendance Office;

    Please leave the following information;

     your name

     child’s first and last name

     spelling of the last name

     date of absence or time of release time

     phone number

    Attendance Policies
    • Absences must be cleared within 3 days or a student will receive detention.
    • This detention will not be excused even if a note is sent home by a parent on the fourth day.
    • Absences must be cleared within 10 days or the absence will be recorded as a cut on their attendance records.
    • Up to 10 days of absences may be cleared by a parent or guardian. 
    • After 10 days, a doctor's note or court documents must be provided to excuse an absence (this is a district policy).