• An 18 year old has the right to access all of his or her school records and communications.  The 18 year old must inform the school and his or her parents IN WRITING of any change in parent access to school records or communications.  However, it is important to note that a parent who still claims the child as a dependent for tax purposes, maintains the right to access the student's educational records regardless of the 18 year old's wishes.  Teachers are still free to communicate directly with parents regarding the student's education.   In the rare case that a student has been emancipated, parents would typically no longer have educational rights.  

    When students turn 18, typically students usually want information about how to sign themselves out of school early.  In that case, we ask the student to meet with their AP and review and sign the form.  This gives us a chance to essentially say that with rights, there also comes responsibilities. We talk through the key points on the form, clarify the difference between a right and a privilege, sign, file the form, and send a copy home.