• Food Services


    What is offered?
    Breakfast, lunch and snacks

    When is it offered?
    The cafeteria is open at before 1st period (8-8:30am) and during both lunches. There are also food items in the vending machines located in three locations throughout campus.

    How much is it?
    Each student may have one (1) breakfast and one (1) lunch per day. Snacks and additional meals may be purchased for a fee. CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED... money must be placed on the student's account in order to redeem snacks and additional meals.

    How do the vending machines work?
    Students enter their 6-digit ID number as well as a security question to ensure student privacy.

    Where are the vending machines located?
    1 - Outside of the Wellness Center (Admin Building)
    2 - Outside of the Football Field (main quad between Oak and Sierra)
    3 - Panther Patio facing the pool
    4 - Inside the cafeteria

    What type of food is available?
    Check the main Nutrition Department's website for info.



    • The office is not able to accept cash for students to pick up.
    • To keep our campus safe, we do not permit food drop off companies (such as Door Dash or Uber Eats) to deliver food to the school during school hours.
    • Our campus is a closed campus for lunch, which means students may not leave during lunch (even if they are upper-classmen or drive to school).