On May 14, 2020, the Board of Trustees of the Roseville Joint Union High School District approved Resolution No. 2013 to begin by-trustee area elections beginning with the November 2022 governing board election.  

    Notice of August 26, 2021 Public Hearing
    On August 26, 2021, a public hearing took place to receive public testimony concerning the composition of potential trustee voting areas associated with the District’s transition to a by-trustee area election system in advance of the preparation of draft trustee voting area plans by the District’s Demographer.  

    Notice of September 9, 2021 Public Hearing
    On September 9, 2021, a second public hearing took place during which public testimony was heard and the Demographer provided more detail regarding mapping tool choices.  The Board selected use of Paper and Excel + District R (data specific to our school district) to be available to the pubic to use in the process.

    Next Steps:
    The Demographer expects that the District's mapping tool will be available for use by early December.  Board members, staff and the community will be able to use the mapping tool through a platform to form trustee voting areas and submit them for consideration.  More details and a link to participate will be provided in late November or early December.  

    Questions or Comments:
    Please contact Laura Jungsten, Secretary to Assistant Superintendent, Business Services Joe Landon by email:  ljungsten@rjuhsd.us or by work phone:  916/782-5096 
    Thank you