• Message from the Superintendent - October 2019


    RJUHSD Community, 
    It is hard to believe that the first quarter of the 2019-20 school year is already completed. 
    There are many wonderful things happening across the district, and i want to highlight a few with everyone. Please see the exciting accomplishments of Roseville Joint Union High School District during the first quarter. 

    GOAL:  Wellness & Safety -  increase student access to social-emotional learning (SEL) supports and services to improve safety and well-being for all students.  

    • Restorative practices (RP) continue to be used at all sites to identify root cause of behaviors, teach new/desired behaviors, and restore relationships between those involved.  Not only are we seeing a reduction in the number of suspensions, but we are also seeing a reduction in the number of ‘repeat offenders’. Thank you to teachers, counselors, APs, and other school staff who have participated in a restorative circle, conference, or other practices
    • Wellness Centers are in full operation, with sites serving nearly 2X the number of students as last year
    • September was Suicide Awareness month and included all students receiving a lesson, taking a survey, and being involved in awareness campaigns on campus
    • Transportation made several micro-adjustments to bus routes and ridership rosters to provide safe and timely transportation to/from school for as many families as possible


    GOAL:  Equity & Inclusion -  reduce achievement and opportunity gaps; disrupt institutional biases; and end inequitable practices so all students have an equal chance at success in all school programs. 

    • Four teaching teams (2 math and 2 English) received training and planning time to launch Co-Teaching to deliver special education services within the general education classroom
    • Equity Teams from each site have participated in two National Equity Project (NEP) trainings to identify an emerging issue on campus and  deliberately redesign for increased equity.
    • All students (including EL and student with disabilities) are assigned to a school counselor and receive tier one services
    • All 9-12th grade students received Chromebooks to ensure all students have equal access to information and all teachers can design instruction integrating meaningful use of technology.  Thank you to our district tech team, site administrators, and our librarians for making this vision a reality.


    GOAL:  College, Career & Life Ready -  ensure all students graduate from high school ready for college, career, and life; prepared to pursue the future of their choosing. 

    • School counselor teams continue to participate in ASCA Model Training for Comprehensive Counseling and have delivered classroom lessons to all 9th grade students and are planning lessons for other grades.
    • We held our first Latino Prep Summit at Sierra College where 200 students from across the district celebrated their culture and mapped out their paths to success
    • Principals have reached out to teachers interested in designing/ expanding our Dual Enrollment Partnership with Sierra College
    • EOS Surveys taken by all 9-11th graders to identify students from underrepresented groups who could thrive in an Advanced Placement course, given encouragement and support


    GOAL:  Student-Centered Instruction -  design and deliver instruction that is engaging, responsive, personalized by voice and choice, and aligned with evidence-based practices. 

    • ALL district math teachers participated in a two-day ‘maths party’, led by Jo Boaler, professor of mathematics and education at Stanford University.  She helped us launch a multi-year process where she and her Youcubed Team will support our math teachers in designing a mathematics program where ALL students learn math deeply and in ways that are relevant to their future.  This week’s Freakonomics podcast showcased Jo Boaler and others who are advocating for redesign of high school mathematics -http://freakonomics.com/podcast/math-curriculum/
    • Principal secretaries and district HR staff moved mountains to secure enough guest teachers so our math teachers could participate in the 2-day event described above
    • Science teachers are implementing the new NGSS Physics course that includes inquiry-based projects, dynamic data analysis, and creative problem solving - being delivered to a diverse group of learners


    Continuous School Improvement 

    • The district CSI team regrouped in September and will add parents and students to next month’s gathering.  The team will develop the multi-year action plan and metrics for the four goals listed above. The district strategic plan (mission, beliefs, goals, action plans, and metrics) will also serve as our LCAP for the next three years.
    • On August 6th, each school site launched its own CSI process to review perception data, academic scores, demographic information, and analysis of school processes to help identify strengths and areas for improvement.  This work will continued on PD#2 is dedicated to advancing this work to answer the questions:
      • Who are we?
      • How do we do business?
      • How are our students doing?
      • What are our processes?
      • What is working / not working?



    • On September 27th, Antelope HS celebrated the opening of its Performing Arts Center.  Current and former AHS students performed drama, dance, vocal, and instrumental music sets
    • West Park HS phase one is on schedule and the buildings and sports complex are looking impressive
    • The beams of new gym at Roseville HS are rising strong and provide a dramatic view of campus from the stadium
    • Construction of the new pool at Granite Bay is underway and should be completed in time for the spring swimming season
    • Oakmont HS is remodeling existing space to house a state of the art engineering and construction space as well as a dynamic dance studio


    We are extremely blessed to be in a community that values people, invests in quality facilities, and supports innovation. 


    Best regard, 




    Dr. Denise Herrmann

    Superintendent of Roseville Joint Union High School District




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