• Athletic Clearance/Physicals  

    All athletes wanting to participate in CIF sponsor sports, club sports, dance and cheer team
    MUST register and complete the Athletic Clearance process on-line. 
    Summer Clearance check will be Tues/Wed/Thurs until June 10, 2021 and will not resume again until late July.
    If you would like to participate in summer conditioning you must be cleared prior to June 10, 2021
    To begin the clearance process please visit www.athleticclearance.com to get started.  Please sign up for each season of sport your athlete plans to participate to allow coaches to see if they have been cleared to participate.  While school is in session, please allow 24-48 business hours after you’ve uploaded the completed form, Dr. / facility stamped and dated physical, proof of insurance (must have the athlete's name on it) and completed all of the on-line portion for the administration to fully clear your athlete. 
    All physicals must be dated on or after May 15, 2021 in order to be valid for this year's clearance. Athletes need to have a physcial every year.  If you have not received an email after that time confirming that your athlete has been cleared, it is probably due to incomplete forms or a failed upload of the physical/proof of insurance.  Please follow the directions below – there is also a troubleshoot to walk you through going back after the account has been created to upload the physical form. 
    Initial Eligibility:
    • Academic:  2.0 GPA and passing 3 of 4 classes
    • Citizenship:  Clear all fees, fines and book returns; meet training rules and expectations; abide by the handbook guidelines
    • Residential:  Transfer students must complete additional forms after meeting with the Athletic Director to get cleared by both RHS Athletics and CIFSJS before they will be allowed to compete 


    1.  Print and bring the PHYSICAL FORM to your doctor to complete.  The physical is an annual process.  This year the date on the physical must state ON OR AFTER MAY 15, 2021.  Failure to have a post date of May 15, 2021 will result in your athlete not being cleared.  
    2.  Once your physical form is completed you can start the online process
    3.  Start the online process at Athletic Clearance – http://www.athleticclearance.com
    4.  Register for an account – use the parent’s email address
    5.  Make sure to do the clearance process for each sport the athlete plans on participing in
    6.  UPLOADS are the #1 reason why athletes are not cleared.  To make sure this has been done correctly - log-in to the account and click on the edit pencil under the "Upload" column.  If done correctly, you will see blue hyperlinks to your attachment.
    7.  The 2 uploads include - stamped, signed and dated physical AND proof of medical insurance with THE ATHLETE'S NAME ON IT
    8.  Make sure that the e-signature portion is signed by BOTH the athlete and the parent.
    9.  If completed correctly, your student-athlete will be cleared in 24-48 hours (during regular school time).
     Please note that if your student plays multiple sports, you will be required to register for those sports as well.  All sports will be open to sign-up during the summer.  If you do not sign-up for a particular sport, the student-athlete will not show up on the cleared roster for the coach and will not be allowed to participate.
    You will receive notice that your clearance has been received within 24-48 business hours.  If you have not, it is because you have not completed the forms or the physical/proof of insurance was not properly downloaded.
    Athletic Clearance / Physical Resources