• Looking for resources to help you prepare for an interview?

    Here are some to get you started!

    • Job Preparation (from CaliforniaColleges.edu) - click on the "Preparing for an Interview" tab for some useful tips for Before and the Day Of...

    • Types of Interview Questions (from UC Davis Career Center) - see sample questions you may be asked, and also get help formulating your own questions for employers...

    • Interviewing (from UC Berkeley Career Center) - comprehensive info about how to prepare, what to wear, and how to Say Thank You afterwards... 

    • 30 Second Me (template) - take some time to prepare a quick 30-second commercial about yourself!  It can help you in interviews, job fairs, cover letters, professional introductions, and more!  (Use the template included, and review some of these samples from UC Davis and Indeed.com)

     Want even more help from a teacher?  Here you go!

    Consider enrolling in Roseville Adult School's FREE two-week Job Readiness Workshop with teacher Gilda Garrido at the Placer County Health and Human Services office in Rocklin.  Email Gilda for more information:
     Gilda Garridoggarrido@rjuhsd.us