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9th Grade Registration 2016-17 School Year

Incoming Freshman for 2016-17
Welcome future Titans for the Class of 2020 to Antelope High School! This Freshman class will be our 9th incoming class and we are very excited to have you join our Titan Family!  Here at Antelope we have been building our Titan Spirit and making our very own traditions that we hope inspires each and every one of you, Titans are Respectful.Responsible.Proud.  Parents, below is the information you need to register your student, it is very important that you read everything, that you have made all of your copies.
Residence Verification: (Copies of BOTH A and B are required)
If enrolled in electronic billing, contact your lender for a paper copy of your statement.  Proof must show mailing and property address and be in the name of the parent enrolling student.  We cannot use rental applications or offer to purchase contracts, etc.  Lease or rental agreements must be in the name of the parent enrolling student, must not be expired and show signatures of all parties.
If enrolled in electronic billing, you must print a paper copy of the bill showing both mailing and service address.  Bill must be current within the last 2 months and must be in the name of the parent enrolling student.  **Phone/cable/satellite bills are NOT acceptable**
Immunization Record:  Without this proof your student will NOT start school.  Parents must provide a copy of complete immunization records, including Tdap (whopping cough) booster after the age of 7 per CA state law AB 354, at the time of enrollment to the school that the student will be attending.  (California Health and Safety Code, §120325-120380).
Additional Documents which may be required:
"Shared Residence Affidavit"  form is required if the family is living with a third party in our school boundaries.  The parent/guardian and the owner/lessor/renter must provide copies of picture identification (current driver's license) and all paperwork outlined in the packet.  All Shared Residencies are verified by Antelope High School Resource Officer.
A "Qualified Caregiver Affidavit" form is required if the student is not living with their parent(s).  Please provide any legal paperwork regarding custody and Caregiver must provide a copy of picture identification (current driver's license).  These situations require Administrative review before enrollment can occur.
**Please note that falsified documents will result in immediate dis-enrollment of student**
Parents this is a 2-step process and it can take 30-45 minutes to complete, the Parent/Guardian of the student being registered must have a current, valid email to complete the online registration.  Click here for the online registration link.
Please also refer to our 2016-17 Program Planning Guide for detailed class descriptions. The course selection sheet needs to be submitted with the rest of the registration papers.
For any questions regarding any of the above information please contact our front desk at 916-726-1400 ext. 0.  Completed registrations and all paperwork can be brought in to our front office Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.