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WASC Self-Study Report - 2011-2012 School Year

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In August of 2008, Roseville Joint Union High School district opened its 5th comprehensive high school to Freshmen and Sophomore classes; the beginning of a mission to build a strong culture and rich academic foundation that would become the make-up of Antelope High School. For the past three years, Antelope High School (AHS) faculty, staff, and students have worked tirelessly to build a school that is known for pride, achievement, and community involvement. It is with extreme pleasure that we share our journey of creating and developing Antelope High School.

Antelope High School began the Self-Study process in early 2011. Since the opening of Antelope High School in 2008, we as a staff, have conducted monthly staff meetings, weekly collaboration meetings, and book clubs discussing the pedagogy behind Whatever it Takes, by Richard Dufour, to foster and support conversations about critical issues such as grading practices, targeted instruction, curriculum, common assessments, and systemic intervention. Through these critical conversations, we, as a full comprehensive staff, were able to create the mission statement that guides our practice as educators: “Antelope High School is a learning community that expects to increase the achievement of EVERY student.” This mission statement serves as the foundation and cornerstone to all conversation surrounding Antelope High School students.

For the past three years, Antelope High School has worked relentlessly toward becoming a Professional Learning Community, with small subject-alike teacher teams to align their curricula and develop common assessments that will help aid teachers in their instructional practices to support the learning needs for all students. Departments and curricular teams have been meeting since the start of Antelope High School on a weekly basis during our collaboration Mondays to discuss ways to support EVERY student within our school. Along with developing our own Professional Learning Community, we have joined the Professional Learning Community of Roseville Joint Union High School District. Throughout the year, each academic discipline area across the district comes together to create a common summative assessment that is administered at the end of each term across the district. After the common summative assessment is administered and the results are in, each discipline area comes together to discuss the data and develop strategies to help increase achievement across the district. As our teachers have begun to learn from assessment results and work together to adjust their instructional practices, we have seen improvement in academic achievement, reflected in student grades, CST and CaHSEE results.

We have not only seen successes in the classroom. Our students have represented Antelope High School well in various extra-curricular activities. Since the opening of Antelope High School, we have accomplished 6 varsity championships; our girls’ track team won a section championship and our boys’ basketball team has been section runner-up and a northern California semifinalist. In regards to student organizations, the school newspaper and yearbook have received national recognition and has won the Gold Crown and Pacemaker awards. Our choir and band have achieved superior and excellence performance ratings. Last but not least, our innovative student government program created the Antelope RED ZONE which is a cheer section during athletic events that is so supported by students, faculty and community that it has brought recognition from several area schools and newspapers.

The WASC process has been extremely helpful in finalizing our findings and propelling these findings into concrete actions steps. We appreciate this opportunity to both validate the work that we have already accomplished as a staff and with our students, as well as the assistance to further develop our school into a place where our students can access their true potential as a life-long learner. It is with this in mind that we have focused our collective efforts to offer the highest quality and most effective approaches appealing to all learning styles to support achievement of all students.

The self-study process, by its very nature, cannot be done without the involvement of the entire learning community. In particular, thanks go out to the students, teachers, parents, administration and support staff for their contributions to this self-study. Thanks especially to our students, whom we celebrate in their pursuit of academic, social, vocational, and personal success and growth.