Roseville High School

Home of the Tigers

Roseville High School

Mission: Working together, we will prepare every student for post-secondary education.

Student Learning Outcomes

A Roseville High School Graduate will …

Retain and apply the key content knowledge and foundational skills in reading, writing, and computation necessary to succeed in current course and at the next level

Utilize discipline specific vocabulary and essential information

Recognize, link and organize concepts that cross disciplines

Demonstrate skills necessary for competency in the particular disciplines

Have knowledge and skills necessary for learning and transitioning to college and career

Exhibit proficiency in technology at a level necessary for real-world applications

Demonstrate techniques that lead to success: goal setting, time management, collaborative learning, and perseverance

Formulate a post-secondary plan that considers career pathways, college admission and financial aid requirements

Solve complex problems with precision and accuracy

Hypothesize or strategize possible approaches or solutions to a task or problem

Identify essential questions and collect necessary evidence

Analyze and evaluate a variety of evidence to formulate a solution, answer, or response

Construct, organize, and communicate well-reasoned arguments and responses