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Departments & Programs

Oakmont has a variety of departments and programs, each vital to every student's education. Please take the time to read about each area and the courses that we offer our students using the links to the left.

Advanced Placement
Mrs. Rossmiller crossmiller@rjuhsd.us
Performing Arts
Ms. Bettencourt cbettencourt@rjuhsd.us 
  Career Technical Education
FACS, Industrial Tech, & Media
Mr. Weld  dweld@rjuhsd.us  
Physical Education
Mrs. Baxter mbaxter@rjuhsd.us
Mr. Wallace  dwallace@rjuhsd.us 
Mr. Odell  todell@rjuhsd.us   
 Foreign Language
Ms. Swaney  cswaney@rjuhsd.us 
Social Science
Mrs. Carroll kcarroll@rjuhsd.us            
Ms. Lusso  klusso@rjuhsd.us             
Special Education
Mrs. Benavides benavides@rjuhsd.us 
Mrs. Klug  hklug@rjuhsd.us  
Health Academy
Mr. Muller  wmuller@rjuhsd.us         
Student Government & Leadership
Mr. Moore  dmoore@rjuhsd.us 
 International Baccalaureate
Mrs. Geluk  jgeluk@rjuhsd.us 
Visual Arts
Ms. Wernet   lwernet@rjuhsd.us

Mrs. Larsh mlarsh@rjuhsd.us            

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